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Sweet Doe Dairy Chelsea, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Sweet Doe Dairy is an 81 acre farmstead and creamery located in Chelsea, Vermont. Run by husband and wife team Michael and Lisa, Sweet Doe Dairy produces premium goat milk gelato using milk from their herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. In 2012 the couple left corporate jobs in New York City to become part of the small farming community in rural Vermont. Michael and Lisa rotationally graze their herd of over 100 Nigerian Dwarf goats from spring through fall on a mix of pasture and browse and maintain a sharp focus on herd health. Even though Nigerian Dwarfs are the smallest dairy goat breed, Michael and Lisa state, "we'd challenge anyone to come up with an animal that delivers a better milk product, pound for pound, than these sweet does".
Michael is also a U.S. Navy Veteran and participates in the Farmer Veteran Coalition, an organization that cultivates a new generation of farmers and food leaders, through the collaboration of the farming and military communities.

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