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pancetta on a cutting board with sage and red onion
8 oz


8 oz

The classic salt-cured pork belly salume from our friends at Babette's table. Slice thin and add to your charcuterie and cheese board, fry and use as you would bacon, or chop it up to add flavor and depth to pasta and bean dishes.

Pork Belly, Salt, Sugar, Red Pepper Flakes, Black Pepper, Sodium Nitrate, Coriander, Fennel, Aniseed.
Storage Tips

This pancetta has a shorter dry-cure time, so it should be treated like sausage or bacon. We sell it frozen and once thawed it should be fully cooked and used within 7 days.

Babette's Table, Plainfield, VT

Babette's Table uses slow fermentation techniques and small batches to create European style flavor, and only sources pork from local, family run farms.

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