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Strengthening the Partnership

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April 5, 2022
Greg Georgaklis

Dear partners,

Two springs ago everything changed overnight, and like all of you we have been adapting ever since.

An ever-shifting marketplace; increases in costs, complications and regulations; and the roller coaster of partner families coming and going have all conspired to make our work chronically unpredictable. As a company, we find ourselves at a juncture. We need to adapt to ensure we can continue bringing you food that heals our families and the planet. Reaching new young families, increasing the frequency and size of orders, and reducing unnecessary costs are necessary adaptations for our survival.


Updates from Farmers To You

We’ve looked for ways to tighten up our system and improve both resiliency and efficiency. Here are some changes to expect:

  • Our minimum order size is now $40. It is just not sustainable for us to pick, pack and deliver orders under $40.
  • You can now pay directly from your bank account. This easy and small change will save us significant credit card fees, which means better prices for you and better compensation for our staff and farmers.

Like farmers planning for the growing season, here is some of what we’re excited to offer you:

  • We are working to extend our pickup site times. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to pick up your order each week.
  • We have expanded our Home Delivery map to new areas. This is a great option if your schedule varies and getting to a pickup site regularly is difficult.
  • We are hard at work adding additional items to our weekly offerings so you can enjoy a greater variety of food with more ease and fewer shopping stops.


Our Ask

Finally, we have some requests to make. 

Each weekly order you place through Farmers To You is more than a grocery delivery, more than just filling the fridge. The order you carefully unpack on your kitchen counter each week represents an investment in the long-term viability of your farmers and a healthier future for us all: our families, farmers and the planet.

Only with your investment will our regional partnership of families and farmers survive—and bring to life the abundant and healthy future we imagine.

Here are the investments we need you to make:

  • Spend $5 more with us each week. This allows us to keep prices down, pay our farmers better, and enact even better wages and benefits for our team. Do a deep dive on our website or check out our Staff Picks page to find some new weekly favorites for your order.
  • Spread the word to young families in your community. Young families helped us build our business ten years ago, and now it’s time to welcome the next generation. Have someone in mind? Now through May 2nd, you can both save $30 when you use our Refer A Friend program.
  • Need to skip a week? Suspend your order instead of emptying your basket. For you the result is the same, yet it lets us know that you plan to continue shopping with us and helps us and our farmers plan ahead.

Thank you for being with us on this journey. A decade ago we heard the call to help you feed your families responsibly, and ever since have been building something very different and generative: a relationship-based regional food system that heals our families, our farmers and the planet.

With Gratitude,

Greg Georgaklis