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August 4, 2017
Greg Georgaklis

Imagine if you lived in a vibrant community where all you needed each day was provided by friends and people you knew and respected.

Imagine if each of those experiences was one where your relationship – to the farmer, the delivery person, the shopkeeper, the baker, the banker – was more important to you than the transaction.

Imagine if those relationships were based on mutual respect for craftsmanship and rooted in genuine care and appreciation.

Imagine if these makers and servers success and sustainability were completely aligned with your satisfaction and delight.

Imagine if you were completely committed to the success and sustainability of your farmer, baker, delivery person, shopkeeper, and banker – because they in turn support your family and community completely.

Imagine if you and your community invested locally so you could support the kind of world you wanted.

This would be beautiful! And we are building this. We’ve started with Farmers To You, and it is beautiful. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for imagining with us.