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How Your Donations Are Helping

July 25, 2023
Greg Georgaklis

The final accounting of funds donated to our Go Fund Me Flood Relief campaign are as follows.

$57,107 - Total contributions
$1,783 - Less the Go Fund Me fees
$55,326 - Net total

Funds were distributed as follows:

$19,770 - Farmers To You hourly staff for the week of the flood
$20,000 - Foote Brook Farm
$6,000 - Dog River Farm
$6,000 - Riverberry Farm
$3,000 - Jericho Settlers Farm
$300 - Rise Up Bakery
$150 - Green Mountain Rose
$100 - VT Dog Treats

$55,320 - Total                                                                                               

On Thursday and Friday of this week, our buyers Muffin and Lisa and I delivered the checks to these farmers and producers, and the gratitude they expressed was heartfelt and genuine.  They are resilient and determined, and your support as well as that of their community, will get them through all of this. Disasters like this are always horrible, and they test the strength of our community bonds. Connecting our Boston families to their farmers here in Vermont has certainly strengthened those bonds and the resilience of our beautiful regional foodshed.

Thank you for your caring, and if you wish to further support these farms, here are other funds that will continue to help them.

Now I want to encourage all of you to focus on supporting your farmers and food producers in the most sustainable way – let them feed you every week of the year!