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Dreams Of Spring

Photo: Cate Hill Orchard & Sheep Dairy
February 19, 2021
Greg Georgaklis

Today the sun rose at 6:42am and will set at 5:25pm. Not only are the days getting longer—they are increasing at a faster pace as we approach the spring equinox. Right about now the birds are starting to sing again, the sun is sharing more warmth as it rises higher in the sky, and the beginnings of spring are stirring under a deep blanket of snow.

Pretty soon winter will loosen its firm grip on the process of growth and seeds, roots, animals and insects will begin to break free of their trance. Lambs, calves, and kids are being born and the hope of life and abundance is renewed.

It is almost as if the sun’s warmth is radiating from beneath us, stored from the excess in the summer—and that is what keeps everything from just completely dying each winter. Our thoughts have also turned inward these past few months as we contemplate the deep issues of equity, fairness and how we can reshape our lives to thrive in our current reality. We have kept the fire going within to assure our hopes and dreams stay alive. Now, as the sun warms us from both above and below, it is time to look outward and see what we can create this season that will bloom and bear fruit.

Here at Farmers To You we have been doing a lot of dreaming and planning. We’ve been working on a new website that has the potential to connect all of us in a deeper and more seamless way. We’ve endeavored to make our work ever more fulfilling, fun and efficient so we can welcome more families to our community. And we’ve been dreaming about how we can better serve those in our community experiencing food insecurity. Now it is time for us to manifest our dreams into reality—like a tiny, dense seed blossoming into a plant laden with fruit.


Thank you for being part of our community,