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A Community of Families & Farmers Comes Together

September 29, 2017
Greg Georgaklis


Last weekend something magical happened here in Vermont.

A community of families and farmers came together to acknowledge what they had all created over the past seven years.

They came together over a beautiful dinner, lively music and rich conversation to get to know each other better. And we certainly did!

To all of you who made it to our First Annual Equinox Celebration – I know I do not need to say anything. And to all of you who considered it – we missed you. And to everyone – put it on your calendar for next year and be prepared to be embraced by the amazing community we have all created together.

Sometimes the mundane can become profound when we realize how large an impact that mundane act makes on our families, our health, our community and the Earth. Knowing who is feeding us, making conscious food choices and supporting those who make that beautiful food – all of this is an effort toward creating the kind of world we really want to live in. Where relationships mean more than transactions; where we feel cared for by a community anchored in food and the land; where our food choices are not just doing less harm to the earth, but are actually healing the damage that unconsciousness wrought. We are all making a difference – one family at a time, one farmer at a time.  A food community.

These last two weeks you all received gift cards in your grocery bags – because our fall growing season is upon us again. We have set a goal to grow by at least 200 families, which would translate to nearly 900 orders per week.  This would create a real sustainability for our community food system. All we are asking of you is that you give these $35 gifts of free food to other people and families who want to join our community. We all know that the food does all the talking. Beside, where else can you buy food all year long from friends who happen to be your farmers, and visit them each year in celebration!

So as I continue to bask in the glow from this past weekend, I also want to express my profound gratitude to our staff here in Vermont who continue to amaze me by their dedication, caring and brilliance; to all the farmers who took time out of their very busy fall schedules to show up and celebrate with us, and to tour us around their farms, bakeries, kitchens and barns; and of course to all of you for being the completely essential third ingredient to this amazing community.  Finally to the families who came – we all completely fell in love with you!