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Climate change, food and farming. Yes, your choice matters!

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October 19, 2018
Greg Georgaklis


We could order in Chinese and lock ourselves in the closet, but we shouldn’t. Because there’s good news: We’re perfect for the job. If the human species specializes in one thing, it’s taking on the impossible.”  A Schendler & A Jones, “Stopping Climate Change is Hopeless. Let’s Do It” NYT, Oct 6, 2018

News about climate change makes my heart sink.

Hopelessness is a temptation, but articles like this remind me that our daily practices add up to global impact. Food is the bedrock of positive and joyful change. Put simply – Healthy farms, healthy families, healthy planet!

Extractive agriculture, which produces most of what you can buy at the supermarket, contributes more than 10% of global greenhouse emissions and that’s before any processing, transportation, or storage. What’s crazy is that instead of making things worse, farming can be an important part of the solution by sequestering carbon back into the soil through regenerative practices.  The evidence is clear that regenerative agriculture is one of the strongest investments we can make to fight climate change, we just need to make that choice!

At Farmers To You we believe that supporting regenerative agriculture is a big part of having a positive impact on climate change.  Thank you for joining us in this endeavor! Your daily choices – and purchasing your food from farms you can trust – is what makes a difference. Your choice matters.



“We need to overcome the limitations of economic thinking and measures that were developed in the 19th century—when it seemed that the Earth’s resources and its capacity to absorb waste were inexhaustible—and improve them to create more modern assessments, appropriate for the 21st century and beyond.”  – Union of Concerned Scientists, Here’s What Agriculture of the Future Looks Like