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A Solstice Reflection

December 22, 2017
Greg Georgaklis

The Winter Solstice is a magical time of rich introspection and reflection – about the year and rhythms that have just passed and about setting intentions for what is to come.

I would like to share my reflections on our work and purpose as well as acknowledge this nourishing community we are building together.

This past year has been very full… When we called on you to help grow this community to sustainability – you responded, and we have made it!

We are now feeding over 800 families a week, and our operations are running at break even. Most importantly we now know beyond a doubt that this regional food community model we have created together works. Thank you!

We have built a community of families and farmers who truly feed and support each other. This is very unique, and like the early CSA pioneers, we have proven again that knowing who feeds you and having a connection to those who grow your food is an essential part of a healthy community.

Your enthusiastic compliments and sweet messages build our connection and community. They fuel our passion to expand our work and gather more farmers and families at this table of abundance. They remind us of the power of real relationships to bring joy and richness to our daily lives in a world overflowing with anonymous transactions. As our daily lives become dominated by a lack of connection – to community, to the earth and her rhythms, and to each other – isn’t it wonderful that your food is produced by the same farmer or baker each week, packed and delivered to you by the same smiling people each week, and this amazing food is enjoyed and appreciated each week all year long. It’s a nourishing rhythm that heals.

Our intention for the new year is for us to spread the word far and wide about what we have done and share this beautiful community with other communities and food sheds everywhere. From the chaos and ill health of our present food world, we can begin to shine as a healing and beautiful third way — bringing families and communities together with food and celebration.

All of us here in your food community, known as Farmers To You, wish to extend our sincere loving thanks and blessings to you and your families as you close out the year end and welcome in the new beginning.

With love and light,

Greg and the team at Farmers To You