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Ecobean South Burlington, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Ecobean is the creation of Vermont couple Trisha Dean and Justin Cruz, who found themselves struggling to balance a busy lifestyle with healthier eating habits. They realized the struggle was not unique to them and decided to take a risk and do something about it by opening a small café. Currently, Ecobean thrives as Vermont's only 100% gmo free, gluten free and soy free quick service restaurant. It was in the depths of the Covid pandemic that Ecobean pivoted to prepackaging some customer favorites so that the South Burlington community would still be able to enjoy their high quality, whole food and drinks. They are committed to sourcing superior, local ingredients whenever possible and believe that supporting local farmers and sustainable food purveyors benefits the entire community, from a health and economic perspective. They've never wavered from their high quality ingredient standards and have been serving organic food and beverages to the community since 2012.

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