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cultured seaweed butter

Ploughgate Creamery Salted Seaweed Cultured Butter

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This delectable butter is made from sweet cream and is cultured for 48 hours creating a delicious, creamy, and slightly tangy flavor. The dulse and nori seaweed is from fellow New Englander, Vitamin Sea, hand-harvested in Maine. This butter adds a delicious umami flavor to your dishes or simply to your toast. Try it and let us know your favorite uses!

pasteurized cream, sea salt, dulse, nori, cultures

1/2 lb

Storage Tips

Store in the refrigerator. For immediate use, leave on the counter so that it spreads easily. Keep refrigerated and use by the best by date on the package, or freeze for later use.

Ploughgate Creamery, North Bennington, VT

Ploughgate Creamery cultured butter is made in the old European tradition. The flavor is sweet, slightly tangy, and unbelievably creamy. Their Vermont-sourced cream is comes fresh from local fourth generation Monument Farms Dairy.


December 9, 2022 by

This butter is pretty amazing. Mostly, I have used it on top of popcorn, with some nutritional yeast and a little salt. Yummy. I could also see it in a sauce for seafood or pasta but haven’t tried that yet.