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Wood-fired Garlic, Feta & Pine Nut Pizza

This white pizza is delicious on its own or add sauteed veggies and sausage, tempeh or chicken. Perfect for an easy dinner, these are fully cooked and ready to reheat and serve!
Serves approximately 2 -4 people

crust: organic wheat flour, organic wheat flakes, yeast, salt, well water toppings:*garlic (Field Stone Farm), *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, mozzarella, parmesan, Bulgarian sheeps milk feta, *pine nuts *organic
Storage Tips

Pizzas are baked on the farm and delivered fresh. Refrigerate and consume or freeze by the date indicated on the label; they are already in freezer bags.

Field Stone Farm, Northfield, VT

These wood-fired pizzas are hand tossed and hearth baked. There are no pans involved in the cooking, so the pizza gets the direct heat of the hearth. It also means pizza piesare not always as round and symmetrical as pan-pressed pizza. With their handcrafted shape and taste, these pizzas are a real treat!


February 7, 2021 by

We absolutely LOVE this pizza, and feel its worth the price. I add spicy chicken sausage and caramelized onions and when it comes out of the oven I add arugula. With the additions on the pizza we get 2 meals out of this one pizza! I cut the pizza in half and cook 1 half for a meal for my husband and I .

October 7, 2019 by

I'm giving this 4 carrots in that it is a really nice pizza. I added some chicken sausage and some mesclun lettuce while warming so that it became wilted.

It's a very tasty combination, and the dough is a very good, Italian style dough. That being said, it's not a really good value. A 14" pizza is sort of a medium sized pizza. And honestly, if you're going to make a meal of it for two people, you do have to add some protein to it. Once you do that, $23 or so for a medium sized pizza is just not that great. There's an organic pizza place near me and you'll get a very large pizza with meat for that.

So I'm giving it 4 carrots for flavor and quality, but know that it's not a great value, in my opinion.