Vermont Bean Crafters Organic Frozen Falafel Burgers

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This falafel is intended to be baked, rather than fried; making it a more nutritious shade of delicious. Instead of cooking the chickpeas, Vermont Bean Crafters sprouts them to increase texture, flavor and available nutrition.

Packed with authentic Middle Eastern flavors like cumin and coriander, this recipe holds true to its roots. Vermont Bean Crafters holds true to their own by incorporating unconventional ingredients that allow them to use more local and organic elements.

*Garbanzo beans, *White beans, *Kale, *Parsley, *Olive oil, *Apple cider vinegar, Salt, *Coriander, *Cumin, *Paprika, *Chili flakes, Baking soda * = Organic

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Storage Tips
Keep frozen until serving.

Vermont Bean Crafters, Waitsfield, VT

Vermont Bean Crafters was founded on the belief that what we eat has a direct and powerful effect on our communities and the environment. The majority of Vermont Bean Crafters' ingredients are sourced from within 350 miles.

May 13, 2022 by

These are really tasty when pan fried. They get super crispy and have a wonderful flavor. Great for an easy lunch or dinner.

Pan fry!
November 18, 2021 by

These are good, but must be pan fried and flipped carefully. They're delish when they get that crispy outside.