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Rogers Farmstead Organic Bread Flour

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This is bread baking flour at its best and we are lucky to get this from Nate as he sells most all of it to local bakeries. Of course, it is also spectacular for your other baking needs.

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Storage Tips

Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

Rogers Farmstead, Berlin, VT

Formerly known as Rogers Farmstead Bolted Wheat Flour, we now call this Bread Flour. The wheat is grown in Berlin, Vermont. They are a small family-owned certified organic farming operation committed to producing delicious, wholesome, locally-grown products. It is stoneground by one of our local bakers in Elmore, Vermont and then in a very ancient process it is bolted (sifted) to remove just enough of the bran to transform this flour into something that Chad Robertson calls "bolted flour behaves like a whole grain flour with wings."
Here is Chad's whole blog on the subject along with recipes and LOTS of information: Bolted Flour v High Extraction Flour
Certified Organic


September 9, 2016 by

Hands down the best flour I've worked with. Makes kneading a joy, and the crumb and crust of my bread is consistently perfect.
I make a traditional Greek bread for our major holidays, and everyone said the most recent batch (made with this flour) was the absolute best ever. And my greek-heritage sweetheart is very discerning!