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white chocolate carrot

White Chocolate Carrot

1 carrot - 2 oz

A solid white chocolate carrot made with all organic ingredients and speckled with vanilla bean. These carrots make afun gift, are perfect added to an easter basket, or will please any bunny with a sweet tooth!
Each carrot is 7 inches long and weighs 2 ounces.

organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic milk, organic vanilla, organic soy lecithin, organic sunflower oil
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Storage Tips

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft Co., Montpelier, VT

Rabble-Rouser is a unique, forward thinking establishment that produces exceptional small batch, artisan chocolate and granola products in their retail and kitchen space in Middlesex, Vermont. Since 2003 Nutty Steph's (now Rabble-Rouser) has hand-crafted its products with the highest quality, GMO-Free ingredients.
Gluten Free

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