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Caerphilly Cheese

Bright and salty, Caerphilly, is a delightful crumbly cheese in the Cheddar family. Named after the Welsh mining town where it originated, Caerphilly is much like other British regional cheeses such as Cheshire, Lancashire and Wensleydale. It is an excellent melting cheese and great in sauces, and will shine on any cheese board, paired with a dry white wine or cider.

Milk, Culture, Rennet, Calcium Chloride, Salt
Storage Tips

Store in the refrigerator.

Creek Valley Farm, Irasburg, VT

Rin’s Farmstead Cheese from Creek Valley Farm features Jersey raw milk cheese. It is produced in the rural town of Irasburg , Vermont- a town of rolling hills, open pastures and fields interspersed with woods. Their small Jersey herd is mostly daughters of the same matriarch.
As well as being loved, their cows always have access to the outdoors. Even in the winter they enjoy being outside. Creek Valley Farm practices rotational grazing and does not use chemical fertilizer on their pastures.

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