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Grassfed Delmonico Steak

appx. 1-1.25 lb

The Delmonico (or Rib Eye) Steak is the favorite of many. It is cut from the small end of the rib roast and it's considered the juiciest of all steaks. It's also the hardest to overcook - so great for the novice chef.
Enjoy within 5 days or freeze for later use.

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Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated or frozen.
Farmers to You orders beef by the whole animal and it arrives fresh to us. On weeks when we receive a fresh beef delivery you will receive cuts that are fresh, not frozen. On weeks when we do not receive a new order your beef will be sent frozen, beginning the thawing process while en route to you and can continue the thawing process in your fridge and be enjoyed within a week. The beef can be refrozen if desired without compromising the quality of the meat. Check the weekly bounty in our Friday Newsletter for fresh beef updates.

Little Lakes Ranch, LLC, Ritchfield Springs, NY

We source our 100% grassfed beef from Tilldale Farm and Little Lakes Ranch. Both farms raise Red Devon cross cattle on a 100% grassfed and grass finished diet. The beef is dry aged for at least a week before delivery to us.

Truly yummy steak
August 20, 2021 by

I got one of these in my order the other week and cooked it within a few days. My stove top was not usable at the time, so instead of my usual cast iron griddle, I broiled it in my very good toaster oven.

I must say that that was one of the best steaks I've had in a while, and I've been eating a lot of grass fed steak in recent years. The flavor and texture were wonderful, and any fault in it I can lay it to my unfamiliarity with broiling steak. I cooked it maybe a minute too long, but it was still really really good. I'll be getting another one of these days and cooking it a minute less.