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Little Lakes Ranch, LLC Ritchfield Springs, NY

Farmer/Producer Website

Little Lakes Ranch, LLC (formerly known as G&T Farm) raises grassfed beef, finished on the sweet, mineral-rich grass in Richfield Springs, NY. Their beef is flavorful, full of essential Omega 3 fats, and is single origin, meaning its entire life is spent on their farm. Their on-site craft butchering ensures the entire cow is used, providing tender, delicious and nutritious meat with exceptional marbling. Little Lakes's mission strives for the greatest level of sustainability on their farm by using regenerative practices, ensuring premium health, tranquility, and respect for animals, employees, community and customers.
Their herd of Red Devon cross cattle are raised on a diet of 100% grass, exactly what they are meant to eat and digest. As a result of the cows diet, and slow natural growth, the animals are extremely healthy, and correspondingly so is the meat. The farmers at Little Lakes Ranch DO NOT EVER give their cattle growth hormones. They only administer antibiotics when absolutely necessary and never give them antibiotics to help them gain weight faster or any other prophylactic reason.

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