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Vandana Shiva at the NOFA Winter Conference 2017

March 10, 2017
Greg Georgaklis

Dr. Vandana Shiva gave an inspiring talk at this Winter’s Organic Farming Conference in Vermont! With eloquence and humor, Dr. Shiva exposed the myths and false truths around the benefits of the Green Revolution she witnessed as it was unfolding in her home state of Punjab in India. The impacts were tragic, and because it happened within a generation, it was clear just how damaging this industrial model of agriculture is to the Earth, communities, and society.

Please listen to this remarkable woman who continues to stand toe to toe with big Ag and big Chemical in her country and the world.

Dr Shiva also has an inspiring message of hope describing how agriculture is also a powerful cure for climate change and societal fracturing. Her clarity and ruthless truth-telling is having a positive effect, and her hope is what we also need here in the birthplace of the world’s industrial food system to embolden us to demand change in the system as well is in our own food habits. Change that encourages the kind of farming and food production that will return our families, our communities and the Earth back to health.

Start the conversation in your community and ask:  what changes can I make in my relationship to food that will create the most immediate and lasting impact for my family, my community and the environment?