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Thank You For The Great Start!

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May 18, 2023
Greg Georgaklis

Last week many of you stepped up to increase your orders, reactivate your accounts, resume your ordering, and share what you love about Farmers To You — and it made such a difference!  If we can keep that going, then together we can make sustainable this community that connects farmers and families, is good for us and the planet, and feeds you and your loved ones the cleanest and best food possible.  

Many of you shared on social media, on listservs and by emailing friends directly, and I want you to know that this approach works!  To make it even easier for those who have yet to recommend us to others, you can use the paragraph below as a model.  Change it any way you like, and share on Facebook, Next Door, Front Porch Forum, your work intranet or any way you can:

If you’re looking for clean, nutrient-dense, farm fresh food delivered directly from local New England farms every week of the year, check out Farmers To You.  We’ve been ordering from them and it’s hard to describe how extraordinary this food is compared to food from the supermarket.  The flavor is incredible, we know and trust where everything is coming from, and we love supporting the farmers who are feeding us each week.   FarmersToYou.com is the name of their website.

While we are off to a great start, we do need to grow our number of partner families to sustain our farm orders and make this work. Every order you place and every referral you make is what sustains our model.

Many of you suggested we share more about our food standards.  Please read below, and share this widely as well.

What are Farmers To You’s standards for the food you sell?

  • We search for and sell the cleanest and most nutrient rich food available in our local food shed of New England. 
  • We sell organic, biodynamic, and regenerative farm grown food.  We are more interested in their practices than their certifications.
  • We require that our farms be totally transparent about their farming practices, and we detail those practices for you to see on our website.
  • We sell breads, baked goods and prepared food that use quality ingredients, traditional cooking and baking methods, and deliver excellent flavor and nutritional value.  Our prepared foods have no preservatives, additives, artificial flavor or colors or chemicals.
  • We choose small family farms and producers who prioritize the health of their soils, their plants and their animals.
  • We find the best in each category we sell: vegetables, meat/fish, dairy, eggs, fruit, breads and baked goods, and assorted pantry items.
  • Our meat and eggs are all pasture raised.  In particular beef and lamb are 100% grass fed, while poultry, pork and egg hens live a natural life out on grass and pasture supplemented by high quality grains.
  • Our animal processing is humane and done by our selected small butchers who hand cut and package each cut with care.
  • Our milk, cream and ice cream and yogurt are from farmers that milk their own cows AND bottle and make everything on farm under their watchful eye.
  • Our fish is fresh caught one to two days before you receive it and never frozen except where specifically indicated.

We’ve done our job when you feel confident you are getting the cleanest and most nutritious food available in our area.  Flavor is a mark of both nutrition and freshness.  Healthy soil is the only foundation for healthy food. And local is the best way to stock your fridge with fresh food. Finally, we are committed to complete transparency about the food, who has produced it, and how they produce it.  We stand behind all of our food 100%.    

Connecting you to food as it should be – simple, nutritious, fresh, delivered to your kitchen within days of harvest — is what is important to us here at Farmers To You.

Happy eating, and thank you as always.

With gratitude,