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Community That Works

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January 26, 2018
Greg Georgaklis


I am completely amazed at what our community is capable of!

Of course in general what we have accomplished at Farmers To You over the past seven years is example enough, but actually what we have all done to support The Barre Food Shelf is nothing short of miraculous!

Here are some numbers:

This is the amount of food we delivered to them starting in July of this year.  Yes over one and a half tons!

Two hundred and eighteen families donated $11,995.50.  Many of them donating more than once.  Your generosity is humbling and so beautiful!

The food shelf early on asked us to provide them with dense protein rich foods since those are always expensive and in very short supply for families in need.  What they never expected was the quality, quantity and freshness of the food that we delivered.  This is food of a quality and integrity that rarely makes it to the food shelf, and tragically is most needed to assist these families break the cycle of poor nutrition and poverty.  Quality food is really the answer, and I am sorry to say that much of the food that is delivered to them falls short of the mark – all helpful, but not the quality and density that families living in truly stressful conditions need.

Your participation and the success of this donation program has emboldened us to do more.  We hope to be rolling out other initiatives to make this food more accessible to families in your neighborhoods.

I want to thank all of you who donated to make this possible, I want to acknowledge all the work time and money that Farmers To You Staff put towards delivering and making up the difference in value of the food ($14,609.75 – $11,995.50 = $2614.29), and also the farmers for – as always producing this food with love and craftsmanship, and of course the amazing staff at the Barre Food Shelf for their tireless efforts getting this food to families in need.

What an amazing community!  I am so proud to be a part of this extraordinary communities of families and farmers.