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Ariel's Honey Infusions Raw Vermont Honeycomb

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Raw Vermont Honeycomb - straight from Vermont beekeepers who engage in ethical and sustainable practices and refrain from the use of pesticides or other sprays. Honeycomb is honey in its most raw and beautiful form; use it to make an impressive (and delicious) holiday platter with an assortment of local cheeses, butter, meat & fruit. It is also amazing drizzled over warm biscuits... or just eaten with a spoon!

Raw Vermont Honeycomb

appx. 8 oz

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Ariel's Honey Infusions, Starksboro, VT

Ariel is passionate about her product. She lives and works surrounding herself with plants and bees. Whether you live in a city, out in the woods, or on a farm, bees play an important part in your life.
*Wax is edible with very little to no taste but is chewy.

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