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bees wrap produce bags
2 bags

Produce Bags

2 bags

A natural alternative to plastic and silicone bags. Perfect for fruits, veggies and herbs, these compostable plant-based bags keep your produce crisp and our planet clean. Rather than using their traditional formula, Bee's Wrap uses coconut and soy-based wax, rather than bee's wax, for those who prefer vegan products.

Store a head of lettuce, bunch of herbs, or bag of apples. Place produce inside bag, fold over flap to seal in freshness and stash in your crisper drawer.

Produce Bag dimensions: 11" x 11"

organic cotton, plant-based wax, organic plant oil, and tree resin. Contains coconut and soy.
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Storage Tips

Hand-wash in cool water with mild dish soap, then air dry. Avoid exposure to heat and hot water to keep your Bee's Wrap in tip-top shape.

Reuse for an entire year with regular use and good care. At the end of its life, Bee's Wrap can be composted or used as a natural fire starter.

Bee's Wrap, Middlebury, VT

Bee's Wrap was founded in 2012 by Vermonter Sarah Kaech. As a mother, a gardener, and a seamstress Sarah wanted to eliminate the use of plastic in her kitchen and find a more sustainable method for storing food. She discovered the lost tradition of infusing organic cotton with beeswax to create a washable, reusable and compostable alternative to plastic wrap. This combination creates a malleable, reusable food wrap that is perfect for storing cheese, fruits and vegetables or baked goods.

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