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Jericho Settlers Farm Organic Rainbow Snacking Carrots

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These little rainbow carrots are perfectly snackable! Their size is ideal for a quick lunch time snack, road trips, picnics, or snowman nose.

Organic rainbow carrots

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Jericho Settlers Farm, Jericho, VT

Such a healthy and sweet snack!
These are different from the supermarket bought baby carrots in that they are real baby carrots - about 4-5" long. They are washed not peeled. They're whole baby carrots and not carved from larger pieces made to look like baby carrots, so they hold up a lot longer than a peeled, carved or skinned carrot. "Formed" baby carrots need to be sanitized because they no longer have their protective skin and tend to ferment when sealed in plastic bags.
Certified Organic

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