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V Smiley Preserves Aronia Blueberry Vanilla Honey Jam

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This Aronia Blueberry Vanilla Jam is the perfect match for your morning buttered toast. Aronia berries are considered a "superfood" as they are high in antioxidants. V Smiley has paired this uncommon, cold hardy berry with classic flavors; blueberries and vanilla, to create a truly unique and local jam.

blueberry, honey, aronia berry, lemon juice, vanilla bean

6 oz

Storage Tips
Refrigerate after opening.

V Smiley Preserves, New Haven, VT

Honey sweetened preserves made without the use of added pectin allows the texture and "temperament" of each fruit to shine through, yielding a range from soft to firm preserves. V Smiley Preserves are made in wide copper jam pans from hand cut fruit. One pot of jam produces 6-10 jars of preserves and some batches take up to 3 days to produce! Each finished jar of preserves contains about 1 lb. of fruit!

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