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Free Verse Farm Ode to Vermont Tea

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A luscious tisane with hints of wild fruit, flowers, mint, and spice, this poetic homage to our beloved Green Mountain State is unlike anything you've ever tasted. With herbs that are both grounding and uplifting, this delightful herbal brew is bold enough to drink in the morning and soothing enough to sip at night.

Tulsi, Catnip, Anise Hyssop, Lemon Balm, Mint, Raspberry Leaf

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Free Verse Farm, Chelsea, VT

Free Verse is a small herb farm and apothecary located in Chelsea, Vermont. Started by Misha, a photographer and herbalist, and Taylor, a poet and pickler, Free Verse Farm harvests their herbs by hand and dries them right on the farm. They note that "nothing is more satisfying, nourishing, and potent than herbs tended with loving care."

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