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vermont rasied non GMO chicken livers
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Maple Wind Farm GMO Free Chicken Liver

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These chicken livers are from Maple Wind Farm where they raise their chickens on pasture and process them seasonally. Healthy meat starts with healthy animals- and these livers are pack with iron, zinc and other vitamins and minerals.
They have been air chilled, cryovaced and frozen to preserve their excellent flavor and freshness.
Enjoy within 5 days or freeze for later use.

appx. 1 lb

Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated at below 40 degrees for up to a week. Freeze if your plans change and you will not be cooking it within the week. They do not receive any antibiotics or hormones.
Maple Wind poultry comes frozen but it begins the thawing process en route to you. Continue to thaw by keeping your poultry in the refrigerator and use within a week. Maple Wind poultry can be refrozen if desired. To thaw meat that has been frozen, place in a sealed bag in a bowl of cool water. Allow at least a day to thaw your poultry prior to cooking. Depending on the size and cut thawing times may vary.

Maple Wind Farm, Richmond, VT

Maple Wind raises their broiler chickens on pasture, supplementing thier diet with non-GMO grain, fresh water, natural trace minerals and probiotics. They live in 'chicken tractors,' which are mobile homes for chickens that can be moved to fresh grass regularly. These chickens do not receive any antibiotics, synthetic vitamins, or appetite enhancing hormones.
Beth and Bruce operate a USDA Poultry processing facility in Richmond, Vermont where they have the technology to air chill the chickens after processing for a superior end result with less water weight. The processing facility is in close proximity to where the chickens were raised, reducing the stress level of travel on harvest day.


December 9, 2017 by

The chicken livers are beautiful. Very nicely cleaned. I love to use these with Jacques Pepin's Chicken Livers Sauteed with Vinegar. It's multi-stepped and fast-paced once you start, so be sure to have all the ingredients prepped before you start cooking.
1. Put livers into a sieve and dip into a pot of strongly boiling water for 20-30 seconds while stirring them (might need to do this in batches), and drain.
2. Sautee livers with 3T. oil and 2T. butter in a pan that comfortably fits all the livers and season w/salt and pepper. Cook no more than 45 seconds.
3. Remove livers and add 2/3c. chopped onions to the fat in the pan and saute until slightly browned (2-3min).
4. Add 1/3 c. red wine vinegar and reduce to a glaze.
5. Add 2/3 c. chopped tomato pureed and 1 c. stock and bring to a boil.
6. Mash together 1 t butter and 1 t flour into a paste (beurre manie) and whisk into the pan to make a thickened sauce.
7. Let boil gently 1 min then add livers to gently warm w/o boiling.
8. Sprinkle with parsley or fresh herbs.
The best chicken livers you'll ever taste!