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Tullochgorum Farm

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It was pure passion for popcorn that led Loraine and Steve Lalonde to begin growing a new crop on their certified organic farm in 1997. Several years of experimenting with different seed varieties and production techniques has resulted in "White Lightning," a product that is winning over popcorn lovers everywhere.
"White Lightning" is grown from a non-GMO hybrid variety of popcorn seed on the Lalonde's Tullochgorum Farm, situated in the beautiful Chateauguay Valley of South-western Quebec.
Because popcorn requires a longer growing season than most types of corn, Steve and Loraine consider their area to be at the northern limit of successfully producing this crop. To their knowledge, they are the only commercial producers of certified organic popcorn in Quebec.A perfect snack from the local food movement for some evening couch time or a family movie night.

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