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Nutty Life Woodstock, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Caroline and her husband, Craig Olsen, operate Nutty Life out of Woodstock, Vermont. They have used organic ingredients since day one, and were certified organic in 2020. A self-proclaimed sweet tooth, Caroline spent her college days eating lots of frozen yogurt until she started suffering from severe stomach aches. Assuming it was lactose intolerance, she immediately cut dairy from her diet and switched to store-bought nut milks. When her stomach aches continued, she began reading labels more carefully and soon noticed they contained additives and only 2% nuts! She started making her own almond milk every day using 35% nuts and sweetened with dates. Her friends and family couldn't get enough so she soon launched a kickstarter campaign, successfully raising enough money to go after her nut milk dreams! Caroline started making nut milk for herself in 2012 and launched Nutty Life cashew milks in stores in late 2016. Nutty Life cashew milks are sweetened with organic medjool dates and each bottle has whole cashews and whole dates blended with filtered water into a creamy liquid so you can easily digest all of the nutrients. Caroline and Craig love to collaborate with local businesses, and their ultimate goal is to buy all of their ingredients directly from farmers and producers. Their delicious organic medjool dates come from a farm in Arizona. They aren't buying cashews direct yet, but they choose Brazilian cashews for their nut milks because they think this origin yields superior flavor. Pure, simple, organic ingredients are what Nutty Life is all about.

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