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organic purple top turnips

Organic Purple Top Turnip

2 lbs

Turnips are often thought to be bitter, but these turnips are very tasty and sweet. Aptly named for their light purple tops that fade to a white tail, their centers are white with a mild, sweet flavor.

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Storage Tips

Purple Tops store for a long time, especially in the refrigerator, wrapped in a cloth vegetable bag or damp paper towel inside a perforated plastic bag.

River Berry Farm, Fairfax, VT

Certified Organic


December 13, 2022 by

HOW OFTEN DOES JUICE SPLASH OUT OF A TURNIP when you cut it open?? I find that it always does with these, and that's a first for me. Delicious sliced thin and raw, or just parboiled with butter, salt and pepper. As simple and delicious as it gets. THANKS!