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This is an excellent European style plum with dark purple skin and light yellow-green flesh. Delightfully sweet- these are excellent on their own or enjoy in a tart, galette or cake.

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Storage Tips
Store in the refrigerator.

Champlain Orchards, Shoreham, VT

The stone separates easily from the flesh, like a free stone peach. Bill and Andrea at Champlain Orchards grow both organic fruits and and minimally sprays fruit where production is too difficult. Their apple crop as well as their stone fruit crops are minimally sprayed to manage pests in an integrated practice with natural methods. Fruits not indicated as Organic are minimally sprayed.

Little pops of sweet nature
August 20, 2021 by

These plums are amazing -- and tiny! Just pop one in your mouth, and let your tongue navigate the pit away from the sweet juicy flesh and the tart skin. Then spit out the pit and enjoy that plummy flesh.

I have an elderly (100 this year) neighbor who loves her fruit and has declared these to be her absolute favorite. She's got good taste!

September 22, 2019 by

Plums have always been my favorite, and these are extra good. Just wish they had a longer season! We tend to eat these so quickly I never get a chance to bake with them. I'm sure they'd be excellent.

September 13, 2018 by

so delicious, they remind me of my childhood spent in France.

September 29, 2016 by

These are amazing! Plums are already one of my all-time favorite fruits, but these are the best of the best. Often this style of plum can be dry and bland, but these are incredibly sweet and juicy with a strong plummy flavor. You might want to try one first before cooking with them - they're so sweet you may need to seriously cut down on the sugar in your recipe.