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Equinox Gratitude

September 28, 2018
by Greg Georgaklis


What I saw this past weekend at our Equinox celebration here in Vermont gave me immense joy and hope for our future. Ours is a community brought together by food and with the potential to make change in the world. We have created a generous, abundant, engaged and passionate community full of hope and possibility. What we have is special and rich — it is something we need to share.

On the tours at the farms, I heard conversations that were transformative. Back on the bus, I saw families deep in thought, brimming with questions and furthering their understanding of what it takes to rebuild a healthy food system. At the party, our staff joyfully created a dinner and celebration with you all. I am proud and honored to have them as partners in this great endeavor. All weekend long, I found myself thinking: This is how community gets forged – through a knowing of our places, the roles of our gifts, and the honoring of one another.

I watched as you all took intense interest in each other – in a way that I find rare in these days of division, scarcity, and isolation.

I am so inspired by all of you – and we have to share this!  It is too beautiful to keep to ourselves and I know many other families would love to be a part of it. Please share your stories and your food. If you were here this weekend, share news about our wonderful time together. Share about the farms we visited, the meals we savored, the conversations we had, the party we enjoyed, the new friends you made and the progress we are making. If you were not with us for the Equinox weekend, share your food with others in your community – have them over for dinner, order them some of the food you love, or give them the $35 off postcard. Share this with others so they can experience this beautiful community too.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
In deep gratitude,