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Standards, Guarantee, and Pricing

Our Standards

We select our farmers and producers as if we were feeding our families - because we do. We demand complete transparency on production methods, how they treat their land, their staff and partners, their animals, and soil.

We select items based on flavor, safety, cleanliness, and our relationship with the farmers who produce them. We offer some of the best food available and provide you with the information you need to make informed choices. While not all the producers are certified Organic, we select from the best producers in their given field of food production. We also support them to constantly improve in their quest for full sustainability.

This is the food your grandparents and great-grandparents used to get from neighbors and friends. This is not "precious" or "luxury" food.

We believe that food produced consciously and with regenerative practices is healthy for us and the planet and believe that encouraging food to be produced in this way is the key to healing so much of the damage done by large industrial agriculture and our massive food system to date.

We encourage you to ask questions, contact your partner farmers, and when we have events, to come and meet these incredibly skilled families who are feeding you.

Farmers To You Standards

Our Guarantee

Farmers To You has a simple guarantee. If at any time you are not completely satisfied with any of our products or service please let us know and we will replace the food on your next order or issue you a refund. We have full confidence in our partnering farmers and producers and we stand behind the quality of their food.


We price differently - each item is priced based on what it costs the farmer to produce. To determine the final price, we simply add what it costs us to get it from the partner farm to you.

Supermarkets and grocery stores generally price based on how price sensitive your are - milk, meat, and many basic meal ingredients are priced at or below cost. Items like prepared foods and specialty items are priced much higher to account for this.

Our method of pricing means we pay our farmers much more than they receive from traditional supermarkets, $0.60 compared to $0.12 of every dollar - five times as much!

Since we price all items at their true cost, and have fewer processed items, if you compare your weekly expenditures on food after you start with Farmers To You, many of you will notice a savings. If you buy roughly 50% of your food from your partner farmers, and reduce time in the supermarket, your savings could be as much as 15-20%.

And this does not take into account the vastly different quality of the food our partner farmers produce, and what it would cost you in time, money and effort to source this quality food on your own.

Keep track and let us know. Many of our families have.

Your family's food choices have a profound impact on the health of our environment, the health of your family, and the farmer's families who produce it. By altering our choices, we have the power to improve our food system and the health and well being of our families and the planet. That is certainly something to feel good about!