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Tofu Bahn Mi

Tofu is a versatile and economical protein that can really elevate a meal. Our organic firm tofu from Vermont Soy Company is so easy to cook with and takes on the flavors of marinades beautifully. This simple Vietnamese sandwich features tofu and pickled vegetables on a baguette. You'll have to get some ginger, lime juice, soy sauce, fish sauce and sesame oil from the store to create your marinade. Then, fry up the tofu and layer your sandwich with fresh or pickled carrots, onion and jalapenos. Add some kimchi paste and fresh cilantro for even more flavor.

organic plain firm tofu vegetarian
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Vermont Soy Company


16 oz
organic red onions
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Dog River Farm

Organic Red Onions

appx. 2 lbs
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Kimchi Paste

4 oz
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Kettle Song Farm

Organic Garlic

1/3 pound
sweet white onion
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River Berry Farm

Organic Sweet White Onion

appx. 1/2 lb each
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