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The Method: Home Made Sour Cream and Creme Fraiche

While Butterworks' Jerseys are making so much delicious spring cream, let's make good use of it!
Making sour cream and creme fraiche at home is so easy, and cuts down on plastic packaging.
For sour cream, simply add 2t of acid (white vinegar or lemon juice work well, but white balsamic and apple cider vinegar do, too) to 1 cup of room temperature heavy cream. Cover with a coffee filter or cloth and leave on the counter overnight or for 24 hours (the warmer the spot, the sooner you will have sour cream).
For creme fraiche, add 2t buttermilk or yogurt whey to 1 cup of room temperature heavy cream, cover, and let sit overnight or for 24 hours.
If your sour cream or creme fraiche is not as thick as you would like, strain through cheesecloth.
Creme fraiche works best in hot sauces and soups - it won't curdle like sour cream can.