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Chilled Ramen Noodle Bowl

Dress cooked fresh ramen noodles in an easy, creamy sauce made with blended cashews, butternut squash seed oil, apple cider vinegar, Thai basil and kimchi paste, and combine with a raw gently massaged salad of summer squash, scallions, Napa cabbage and cucumber. Let the dish refrigerate for a few hours before you layer on some grilled chicken or tofu and serve.

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Valicenti Pasta Farm

Fresh Ramen Noodles

12-14 oz / 4-5 serv.
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Kimchi Paste

4 oz
boneless chicken breast rubbed herbs on cutting board
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Misty Knoll Farms

Boneless Chicken Breast

appx. 1.5 lbs
organic green napa cabbage on cutting board
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1000 Stone Farm

Organic Napa Cabbage

appx. 3-4 lbs