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Cabbage Rolls

Don’t worry- these are no dainty vegetable rolls; they are filled with ground beef and stewed in delicious tomato sauce, making it a satisfying, unique wintertime meal. Begin by boiling a dozen cabbage leaves for about two minutes and then drain. In a bowl, combine one pound of ground beef, one cup of cooked farro (or grain of your choice), one egg, a quarter cup of milk, a small diced onion and your favorite savory seasonings. Place about a quarter cup of the mixture in the middle of each leaf and then roll up the leaf, tucking in the ends. Place them in a slow cooker and pour eight ounces of tomato sauce (mixed with a touch of maple syrup and any other seasonings) over the rolls. Cook on low for as long as you can (ideally up to eight hours) and serve with toasted bread.