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Burgers & Rutabaga Fries

Always have the fixins for burger night at the ready, and this week, try an alternative to the classic french fry with an often overlooked root vegetable.
Peel rutabaga and slice into spears, toss spears with olive oil and salt. Arrange on a baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes, or until the rutabaga fries are golden and lightly crisped on the outside. While the fries are roasting, shape and season beef patties, or defrost veggie burgers. Cook burgers in a skillet and serve on an english muffin with all the fixins, a side of coleslaw and rutabaga oven fries.

bread english muffins baked
in Order

Birchgrove Baking

English Muffins

6 muffins
organic rutabaga chopped on a cutting board with knife
in Order

Foote Brook Farm

Organic Rutabaga

appx. 2 lbs
organic orange carrots in basket
in Order

River Berry Farm

Organic Carrots

2 lbs
grassfed ground beef patty
in Order

Little Lakes Ranch, LLC

Grassfed Ground Beef

appx. 3 lbs
falafel fritter
in Order

Vermont Bean Crafters

Organic Frozen Falafel Fritters

12 - 1 oz fritters
organic extra virgin olive oil palestinian fair trade
in Order

Equal Exchange

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml