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Botanical Kitchen: Warm Squash & Tofu Salad With Curry Yoghurt

Enjoy a simple, nutrient-dense, vegan dish that is comforting and light; steamed squash (or pumpkin), and tofu over a bed of crunchy bok choy (cabbage as an alternative) and radishes and serve with a superb curry yoghurt sauce. The curry yoghurt sauce is delicious and easy to make in a blender; it is also a deep dose of food as medicine rich with vitamins, minerals, plant protein, healthy fats and probiotic-rich goodness. Bio-availability of the food nutrients you eat is essential when following any diet, especially a plant-based or vegan diet. Steaming is one of the quickest, most healthful ways to cook vegetables to retain all their nutrients.

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organic mini honeynut squash halved
in Order

Last Resort Farm

Organic Mini Honeynut Squash Bundle

4 squash - 8-16 oz each
squash butternut organic
in Order

Burnt Rock Farm

Organic Butternut Squash

appx. 2.5-4 lbs
organic plain firm tofu vegetarian
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Vermont Soy Company


16 oz
cabbage napa organic
in Order

Pete's Greens

Organic Napa Cabbage

appx. 1.5 lbs
organic green cabbage
in Order

River Berry Farm

Organic Green Cabbage

appx. 3-4 lbs