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Game Day

From easy apps, like egg rolls and cheeseboard essentials to more hearty offerings, like brats with kraut and loaded potatoes—we’ve got the starting lineup for your game day spread. We’re here for the food.

vegan egg-free egg rolls snacks
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Moksha Farm

Vegan Egg Rolls

5 Egg Rolls
chicken drumsticks with rubbed herbs
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Misty Knoll Farms

Chicken Drumsticks

appx. 1.5 - 2 lbs
non-GMO chicken drumsticks
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Maple Wind Farm

GMO Free Chicken Drumsticks

appx. 1-2 lbs
boneless chicken breast rubbed herbs on cutting board
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Misty Knoll Farms

Boneless Chicken Breast

appx. 1.5-2.5 lbs
carrots baby bagged 1.5 lbs organic
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Pete's Greens

Organic Snacking Carrots

1.5 pound bag
Mt. Alice cheese half wheel
in Order

von Trapp Farmstead

Organic Mt Alice Cheese

appx. 10 oz
mountain ash cheese
in Order

Sweet Rowen Farmstead

Mountain Ash

6-7 oz
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Creek Valley Farm

18 Month Gouda Cheese

appx. 7-8 oz
caerphilly cheese
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Creek Valley Farm

Caerphilly Cheese

appx. 7-8 oz