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Vermont HoneyLights Bristol, VT

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Vermont HoneyLights (Bonita Bedard & Shawna Sherwin) opened their first retail store in 2000 in a barn just outside of town in Bristol, VT, and they soon re-located to Downtown Bristol's Main Street.
They are all about recycling, re-purposing and the usefulness of stuff. When they first learned about beeswax and the importance of honeybees in our society, they knew that they had to do their part to ensure their survival. They developed a line of 100% beeswax candles that are hand-molded and poured by them in their shop.
Their process begins with making the mold and ends with a practical and useful candle that burns beautifully. Their store carries an ever changing selection of trendy vintage furnishings and other US made accessories, body care and home decor, as well as their complete line of 100% hand-molded and poured beeswax candles. You can even sneak a peek into their workshop while browsing. They are always happy to share with you everything they know about beeswax and honeybees and answer any questions.
They source beeswax from Beelite in North Carolina. Beelite previously migrated from NY to Florida but have since found a home in NC. This is a family business who have truly refined the processing of beeswax which is a dying art.

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