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Field Stone Farm Wood-fired Delicata and Bacon Pizza

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Bacon from Green Mountain Girls Farm in Northfield, VT, balances out the sweet roasted delicata squash in this delicious pizza. Mozzarella and Parmesan round things out for a perfect easy dinner.
Serves approximately 2 -4 people.

Crust: organic wheat flour, organic wheat flakes, yeast, salt, spring water Toppings: organic Delicata squash, Vermont bacon, organic olive oil, whole milk, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, organic ground chilis, black pepper

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Storage Tips

Pizzas are baked on the farm and delivered fresh. Refrigerate and consume or freeze by the date indicated on the label – they are already in freezer bags.

Field Stone Farm, Northfield, VT

These wood-fired pizzas are hand tossed and hearth baked. There are no pans involved in the cooking, so the crust gets the direct heat of the hearth. It also means these pizzas are not always as round and symmetrical as pan-pressed pies, but they sure are tasty!

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