Red Hen Baking Yellow Eye Bean Chowder

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Yellow Eye Beans have an mild, slightly sweet and earthy flavor that makes a warming, rustic chowder-style soup.

Local Organic Beans, Onions,Local Organic Carrots,Local Organic Potatoes,Organic Celery,Organic Tomatoes,Cream,Organic Olive Oil,Oregano,Thyme,Salt,Pepper


Storage Tips
Keep refrigerated until ready to heat and serve. While the label advises that you should keep the container frozen until you want to prepare it, that is not necessary if you will be consuming it within the week. It will last perfectly in your fridge thawed. You can keep it frozen indefinately if you prefer.


January 28, 2021 by

I love love the products from Red Hen. The soups are great. I think the soups would be just as good without the cream in many of the soups.