Cellars at Jasper Hill Sherry Gray Cheese

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Sherry Gray is a double cream, ash ripened medallion made with grassfed cows’ milk and additional cream. The extra cream and relatively long culturing time create an almost whipped texture, which coats the palate in buttery richness. It has a delicate, velvety rind that gives way to a gently oozing cream line surrounding a dense but giving interior. Buttery, milky flavors dominate, with a floral note and nutty warmth to the finish.

Pasteurized cow milk and cream, salt, rennet, cultures

7 oz

Storage Tips
Store in the refrigerator.

Cellars at Jasper Hill, Greensboro, VT

This cheese is named for a treasured member of the Jasper Hill community who modeled humanity and inspired their commitment to community and place. Sherry loved Greensboro; he settled into an ascetic life in a sod hut on Barr Hill in the 1970’s trading the fortunes of urban life for the satisfactions of a life there. The ash coating on this cheese serves a purpose beyond the aesthetically pleasing, stony complexion of its rind; it plays a part in tempering the fresh wheels’ surface pH and fosters the development of a thin, even bloom of flora.

OMG Cheese
June 1, 2022 by

SO good! Very creamy and delicate taste. The stand-out, and everyone's favorite on our cheese board last night.