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Our Farms Little Lakes Ranch Grill Bundle

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Enjoy a variety of grill friendly grass fed beef from Little Lakes Ranch. In the Bundle you'll receive two packs of London broil steaks (.75-1 lb each), four eye round steaks (8 oz each), and four packs of ground beef (1 lb each) and one brisket point cut (2.5-3.5lb).

The Bundle is discounted 20% off!

eye round steaks, London broil steak, brisket point, ground beef

1 bundle

Storage Tips
Keep refrigerated or frozen.

Our Farms, Middlesex, VT

We source our 100% grassfed beef from Tilldale Farm and Little Lakes Ranch. Both farms raise Red Devon cross cattle on a 100% grassfed and grass finished diet. The beef is dry aged for at least a week before delivery to us.

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