Our Farms Picnic Bundle

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Enjoy an array of items perfect for a picnic, entertaining or snacking. A mix of Vermont cheeses, kombucha, berries and salami -- there is something for everyone in this bundle! Whether you put it all out as an appetizer course before a meal, bring it to a park to enjoy as a mid day picnic, or eat each item piece by piece, you will have all the bases covered with the many selections in this Picnic Bundle.

The Bundle is discounted 20%!

Cheeses: Cellars Whitney Cheese
Kombucha: Aqua ViTea Peach Out
Dried goods: Rabble Rouser Magic Chocolate Chunks, Brewer's Crackers Sea Salt Pita Chips
Meat: Babette's Table Saucisson Sec Salami
Fruit: Raspberries

1 bundle
$70.75 $56.60

Storage Tips
Cheeses, meats and strawberries: keep refrigerated; Dry goods: store in a cool, dry area; Kombucha: keep refrigerated

Our Farms, Middlesex, VT

In this bundle you will receive one Cellars Whitney Cheese, one half pint of fresh raspberries, one four pack of AquaViTea Peach Out, one pack of Rabble Rouser Magic Chocolate Chunks, one bag of Brewer's Crackers Sea Salt Pita Chips and one Babette's Table Saucisson Sec salami.

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