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Cate Hill Orchard and Sheep Dairy Organic Red Baron Apples

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Red Baron is a more modern variety, developed by the University of Minnesota in 1969. It is crisp, juicy and sweet, with only moderate acidity (not too tart!). Great for fresh eating, sauce, pies and crisps.

1/4 peck weighs approximately 3.5 lbs.

1/4 peck

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Cate Hill Orchard and Sheep Dairy, Craftsbury Common, VT

The Northeast can be a difficult climate for growing organic apples. Heavy rains and humidity can lead to blossom rot and scab and pests can bore into apples, damaging the fruit. Conventional apples use a variety of pesticides and herbicides to prevent these issues, but growing organic apples is a slower process that can take time to develop. Cate Hill Orchard grows organic fruit in their 5 acre orchard which includes twenty-five 100 year old trees from the original farmstead. In order to minimize damage from pests and fungi, Josh and Maria intersperse their fruit trees with plantings of herbs and flowers which act as a pest confuser and create habitat for wild pollinators and beneficial insects. Leftover whey from their cheesemaking operation is used as a fungicidal spray in the orchard to help inhibit the formation of apple scab. After apples are harvested, Cate Hill Orchard likes to have their chickens forage the orchard, disturbing pest habitat and expediting the breakdown of leaves that can harbor apple scab.

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