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Herb Craft Hibiscus Sparkling Beverage

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This Hibiscus Sparkling Beverage is sweetened soley with honey from Champlain Valley Apiaries. It is refreshing and incorporates herbswith an affinity to the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

water, honey, hibiscus, lemon verbena, peppermint

12 oz

Storage Tips
Keep refrigerated.

Herb Craft, Middlesex, VT

Herb Craft's sparkling beverages use herbs and are sweetened with honey and each flavor has been formulated with herbal energetic synergy, meaning that each flavor serves a particular purpose within the body. Rose can help reduce stress, hibiscus can aid with digestive and cardiovascular systems, and Tulsi can help improve energy without stimulants.


October 10, 2019 by

All three flavors of these Herb Craft sparkling beverages are delicious. They are only lightly sweetened and are a terrific, flavorful and refreshing treat. Try them all. We love them all and can't decide which we like the best.