Our Farms Ungraded GMO Free Eggs

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These fresh eggs have dark golden yolks that stand up high and whites that stay together when poached or fried. Outstanding flavor and a wonderful addition to baked goods.These hens are raised on pasture and are fed GMO-free grain. GMO-free grain is slightly more expensive than conventional grain, which is reflected in the price of the eggs.
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Storage Tips
Store in the refrigerator.

Our Farms, Middlesex, VT

These eggs are laid by hens who spend their days outside digging and scratching for a good part of their sustenance. Besides what they forage on pasture, these hens also receive grain that is GMO-free.While these eggs are not certified organic, they are fed GMO-free grain. These hens receive no synthetic supplements or medicated feed, and they forage outside all year long.

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