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Patchwork Farm and Bakery Organic Jalapeno Polenta Bread

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This polenta bread is unique in texture and flavor. A beautiful golden yellow, a hearty crust, chewy crumb and almost creamy in flavor.

This bread will keep well as the cornmeal helps to retain the moisture in the crumb. Enjoy sliced and toasted with a slab of butter or fried in the griddle with some eggs.

Organic wheat flour, organic cornmeal, well water, jalapenos, sourdough starter, sea salt

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Storage Tips
This bread comes packed in a brown paper bag, inside a plastic bag. If not sliced for several days, just run under cool water and heat in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes.

Patchwork Farm and Bakery, East Hardwick, VT

Charlie at Patchwork Farm and Bakery is an extraordinary baker, and makes some of the tastiest sourdough bread in the state. This polenta bread is currently made using cornmeal that is grown in New York state and milled by Champlain Valley Mills. Charlie is working toward growing all of his own corn on his farm in East Hardwick to mill into fresh cornmeal for this delightful Polenta Bread.

SO good!!
June 5, 2021 by

This bread is SO good! Soft on the inside, savory, and with a little kick. We use it as a base for sandwiches, avocado toast, or on its own with a little butter - chef's kiss. Stores and reheats well too!

April 30, 2021 by

Please make more of this bread. It is always sold out when I get to order, or not there. We love it!

January 1, 2021 by

We've been a fan of Red Hen Bakery's Polenta Bread for years but we love jalapeƱo so decided to try this one out. Holy moly is it good. We will order it every week it's available. Keeps really well, staying nice and soft well past a week. This is a definite advantage over the regular RHB polenta bread which after a few days needed to be refreshed in the oven.